Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I Chose To Be IT!

As I was faithfully reading Katherine's blog, I saw that she tagged anyone who wanted to be it.

I LOVE blogging tags, but I'm not a fan so much of being "it" during real tag.

Here are my random facts:

1.) I'm not a fan so much of being "it" during real tag.

2.) I was once told I should quit writing and go into acting. Sometimes I seriously consider this. I do have wonderful facial expressions that would be fabulous on any screen. Though many people mistake my thinking-face as a frustrated-face.

3.) I've secretly always wanted to be an actress.

4.) I've secretly always wanted to be a writer for The Young and The Restless.

5.) If I was an actress, I would definitely buy my Chrome Hearts sunglasses that I'm still obsessing over.

6.) I want to get a Hello Kitty tattoo, but I have no idea where I want it. The tat would be her face (I think joyful--eyes squinted with her little eye lashes showing) in a bold back outline. No color, except maybe for her red bow.

7.) My favorite times of day are the little moments that I notice something small and feel thankful I saw it. An example: The butterfly that landed for a few seconds on my towel while I was tanning and reading today and its quick flutter to somewhere else on the other side of the house.

8.) My other favorite time of the day is when FD and I talk at night before going to sleep. I like it most when he makes me laugh.

9.) I wish I was somehow related to Jane Austen. Or Beatrix Potter.

10.) In my wallet I carry a guardian angel coin Hons gave me. So far I have never mistaken it as a quarter.

11.) One of my all-time favorite Christmas presents is the pink Kitchen Aid stand mixer my in-laws got for me a couple of years ago.

I tag Stokes, Gary, and Abs.

Ooooppps! I just read the rules and there's only supposed to be 8 random facts. If you combine all my actress numbers that equals 8, right?

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