Monday, May 21, 2007

Stokey Makes A Guest Appearance

While Ms. Stokey Speedman (my BFF for those who don't know her) is working on getting her own blog up and running (I seriously can't wait!), she is guest appearing on my blog to post her Top 5 Fav songs (from a tag a couple posts ago). Take it away, Stokey...


For those of you who don't know me (I am sorry - your loss) a hearty hello and to those of you who do know me (your life is better off), hello, my babies!

Please note I write like I talk and that is like a 14 year old girl, oh and I have NO idea where a comma is supposed to go as you will see evidenced in the musing below.

D has been pestering me to restart my old blog for some time now; however, the motivation to do so has been hiding. If I had to take a guess, I think it is hanging out with my motivation to work and get up in the mornings - both of which have been MIA for months. Anyway, I told her that if she posted my Top 5 songs as a courtsey post, I would get back on the old blogging bandwagon. So here are my Top 5 songs and the reason they are currently residing in said Top 5.

1. Could We by Ms. Kit Kat Power - this song makes me gleeful (is that a word?), I love the "brandt, brandt, neer" parts and this is also Fletcher James favorite Cat song so I thought I would give props to him seeing as I thought he was on his deathbed a mere 3 days ago.

2. Question by Old 97's - they used it in Scrubs - enough said! For those of you who "don't get Scrubs" you are not worthy of my time. That is like saying "I don't get Arrested Development or The Office" stop watching tv dummy and go eat dirt. [Amanda (D) interjects: "This song was also on a Dawson's Creek episode! And I've put it on several mix CDs that Stokes should be listening to..."]

3. Rally by Phoenix - I became obsessed with this tune a few weeks ago when it was in an episode of the extremely underrated Veronica Mars and am currently still obsessed. Hopefully, Phoenix will be around longer than Ronnie, RIP Ms. Mars! Boo hoo :(. Oh, and the lyrics stink, but I think it is a great little jam.

4. I Hear the Bells by Mike Doughty - again this is courtsey of Veronica Mars. It is a great little ditty by a chap with an amazing voice. It popped up on Penny (my iPod) while I was in hell (mowing the lawn) last week and has been in heavy rotation since.

5. That's Alright by Elvis - this is my favorite Elvis song ever! It is zippy and finger snapping fun. It was also in Man on the Moon which introduced me to one of the London Brother's (Jeremy or Jason not sure) back in the 90's before Party of 5 and I was a smitten kitten.

So that's it folks, thanks for allowing me to post my Top 5 here instead of there. Hope you enjoy!

P.S. I would like to give an honorable mention to Maroon 5 for their song Won't Go Home Without You (I think that it what it is called, 2nd song they played on SNL this past weekend). Yes Maroon 5, it is a great pop song and I am not ashamed to LOVE IT. Ok, well maybe a little. But not a lot.


Stokely Speedman


I've always loved guest appearances! They're so 60s. So Ed Sullivan!

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Katherine said...

I love, love, love "Question," and everything else the Old 97s have ever done. That Rhett Miller is a cutie-patootie, too. ;-)