Sunday, May 13, 2007

Catch All

Several Quick Things and Definitely More Tomorrow:

Renewed Faith in Summer TV: Thank God for Bravo! Hey, Paula may become my new fav & Top Chef Miami will be fun! Now all I need is Tim Gunn on a new Project Runway, and I'll be completely set.

I'm working hard on my online class, and this week I'm going to hit it even harder! It will be awesome and time consuming. Very cool deets on it to come.

Been reading poetry in the place of my fiction book listed (don't worry, I'm getting to The Jane Austen Book Club): Order, Or Disorder by Amy Newman (more to come on that book and her others soon, but a teaser: a must read) and the poetry chapbook Through Which Footsteps by Kate Northrop---totally awesome and really this world-other worldly, a must read.

How much do I LOVE the new Mac "Genius" commercial???

We're looking at houses in BG. Please keep your fingers crossed, say a rosary or prayer for us, and/or send us your good energy. More on this soon too.

And last, but definitely not least, SK tagged me! My first tag! I'm so excited! I have to sleep on it and then respond tomorrow. I can't wait! I LOVE TOP 5 LISTS! And Top 10 and 20 lists too.

(Now, imagine I said all this to you in about a minute flat. You can imagine it. Totally.)

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