Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hereeeeeeee's Stokey!

Stokley’s back, back again! Good morning everybody. D keeps tagging me; however, as of yet I have no place to put my tags so I am forcing her to let me do another guest post. Away we go!

Random stuff about Stokes.

1. I talk to myself – a lot. It is more of a thinking out loud kind of thing. I never answer myself, really, but I talk to myself nonetheless. People here at work already think I am insane considering I wear rain galoshes and have a Dwight bobblehead on my desk. I am guessing this little habit of mine is not helping to dispel the rumors about my sanity.

2. I name everything. I think naming objects gives them personality. My friends all know what I am talking about when I refer to Penny, Betsy, Henry, Milo and Jeeves.

3. There are 3 things that will make me lose it, and by lose it I mean go absolutely b-a-n-a-n-a-s. 1. Shushing me, I am not a child, do not shush me. 2. Do not point your finger at me, unless you are pointing me out to an attractive, strapping young buck. 3. Do not use my name when scolding me, eg. “Now, Stokes, did you really think it was a good idea to run over that huge thing in the middle of the road that led to tearing out Henry’s steering column?”

4. I do not think girls should be sideline reporters for professional male sports. Clearly a feminist I am not. I just do not think they can understand the inter-workings of the game or the physicality of it all. I do not think boys should be gynos either though because they do not have a cookie and how can they really know what is going on when they do not have one.

5. I truly believe I was born in the wrong decade; I should have been born in 1945. To grow up in an era of housecoats, sock hops, soda jerks, courting and parlors would have been the bee’s knees!! Perhaps this is why I conform to traditional gender roles without hesitation.

6. I talk about Fletcher James like he is a person and not a dog. For example, when I purchased FJ a tartan plaid collar I told people that he began walking around with his nose in the air and that he asked for penny loafers, a shirt with a collar he could pop and a girlfriend named Buffy. Now, clearly I know he didn’t actually say or do any of that stuff, but it makes for a funny story. Some people find it odd and inquire on whether or not my dog really talks to me. Um, no, he does not.

7. I am completely obsessive about the lamest thing like Felicity, The Bachelor and Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. I mean seriously obsessive, so much so I do not want to discuss it and scare people.

8. I feel bad for stuffed animals. I think they may be real inside and do get sad when their owners become adults and leave them. I think this stems from my love of the Corduroy, Velveteen Rabbit and Giving Tree books. When I remember to, I still say good night to my childhood bear Dee-O before bed so he knows I still think about him.

And those are the random and kinda freaky and insane things about me. Enjoy, and I swear I have no human heads in my fridge.

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