Thursday, May 17, 2007

Put Aside the Ranger...

I'm on another one of my Lord of the Rings kicks.

Melinda went home on AI; she'll have a better career for it. Blake and Jordin still on. My pick to win might make it. I called Jordin and I'm sticking with her. If she wins, I might start gambling on TV in Vegas. Then we could buy a house AND I could buy my $1100 Chrome Heart sunglasses. Blake, my sweet angel, might give me a run for the money, though. Oh, the suspense of AI, as refreshing as a cool spring breeze!

Sayid, how much do I love you?!?! Basically, you told Jack to "Put Aside the Ranger and Become the King." You rock! I'm so sick of Jack like I am Locke! Put the smack down and take charge, Sayid. If only we could get rid of that ho-traitor-beast Juliet too. Then all would be a little bit merrier on the island. Speaking of Merry, if Charlie dies, I might die. He was Merry the Hobbit, as we all know; he could die off and still be very wealthy. The island would just be an even sadder place without him.

And even weirder regarding TV news, I can't wait for the season to be over with. I know, I'm surprised I said it too. I just have so much I want to do, and TV is holding me back, keeping me down, not letting me get stuff done. Yeah, we do have Tina the TiVo; thanks for reminding me. However, I feel I must find out LIVE who leaves AI. Lost lasts longer when you watch it LIVE. In other words, I can't wait to the next day or several days, I need to know what happens NOW, so come morning I can chat it up with everyone about what happened on TV last night.

This summer TV break will be good for me. The online class development is taking a little longer than I thought it would. I'm through one essay cycle, but I still have four essay cycles to go, intro videos for each essay to make (I KNOW MY DREAM COME TRUE! ME ON THE BIG SCREEN! AN OUTFIT UPDATE IS COMING SOON!) and podcasts of my lectures to record (ANOTHER DREAM COME TRUE, MY CLASS WILL BE ON iTUNES!!!! Much thanks to Terence who is my online class consultant! Without his help my dreams of stardom might not come true!) We all know I'm thorough and very anal retentive. The job of creating an online class is perfect for me; it's all about details, anal retentive details, and making sure everything is perfect. It's just an exhausting job. I want to do it right, so I'm spending a lot of time doing it right. TV is holding me back. As well as hot days when I must tan and read. It is summer for crying out loud! I'm really proud of what I've done so far; I just want to keep it going strong, so I can finish by June and focus on tutoring for Student Athletics part-time. I don't want to be juggling too many balls; I do need a somewhat of break.

Some of you probably think teaching and tutoring and having summers off is the easy life. Let me assure you, teaching and grading 2 drafts for every one of the 5 essays written by 88 students each two 15-week semesters of a academic year is exhausting. And as you can see I'm working this summer tutoring and creating an online class and working on projects you don't know about--it is exhausting. Even for me, the worker bee. I'm not complaining; I'm just letting you know I don't really have a summer off where I sit around and do nothing--that life doesn't exist for me and most other teachers I know! But it is my first summer off in a long time so I must try to work and relax. I'm trying to put aside my own ranger-ness and become the tanner I've always wanted to be. (It didn't work so well that time...)

It's a cold day (60 degrees) here.
I have to get working so I can tan tomorrow.

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