Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Sorta Shoetale

I'm laughing.

This is so crazy.

Short version: On Thursday, I got an email from Zappos saying that FedEx lost my shoes, and they weren't in the warehouse.

After teaching that evening, I called Zappos and cried a little. Damon, the Customer Service rep from my first phone call, gave me another $30 coupon.

Tears = cash. I need to cry more often.

I searched through the Zappos site, ready to burn my $100, but found nothing.

After Big Brother 8, I tried again and found a pair I have wanted since last year.

I called in my order b/c the online order form wouldn't accept all of my coupons.

Friday morning I woke up, did yoga, and then went the rec.

When I got my home my new pair of shoes were waiting there for me. (Can you believe Zappos shipped them that quickly?! They left the warehouse at 11:00 p.m. and were in Ohio in route to our house at 7:30 a.m.! Awesome, huh?!)

I started wearing them around the house to break them in.

I wanted to wear them to see Superbad (which was so funny I pissed myself. Seriously. A little came out from holding b/c I didn't want to miss anything and then laughing so hard at what I would have missed if I had gotten up to go pee. Note to self: Wear Depends to movies. Note to readers: Superbad earned 5 out of 5 penis-shaped Hello Kittys--see the movie for the joke.) but I didn't wear the new shoes because I still need to treat them.

When we got home from the movies, Camper had left me message. (Yes, Thursday I called Camper to order my true love shoes, but the rep told me the shoes weren't available in the US, that she'd have to call SPAIN to order them straight from the manufacturer, and that she'd have to call me back Friday after she talked to the reps in SPAIN. WTF!?!)

Marianne from Camper said she could get my shoes, but it take awhile. Very fine! All is right in the shoe world. I'll have time to break in the first pair before my new pair arrives.

I happily watched Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring on TNT (even though we own the extended versions of the trilogy on DVD) Friday night without my mind obsessively worrying about shoes.

This morning I woke up, did yoga, and then checked my email.

Zappos emailed about my true love shoes. THEY FOUND THEM! FedEx shipped them back to Zappos, and Zappos needed me to call them to reauthorize my credit card and confirm that I wanted the shoes shipped via UPS.

Of course, I called them immediately!

After writing this post, I have to call Camper and cancel my order in Spain.

Lessons learned:

1.) Wait. Be patient. (Why do I have to keep relearning this lesson?!)

2.) Zappos has the best customer service on the face of this planet. I will only buy my shoes from them from now on. (Well, them and The Grey Colt...) Zappos were always kind, and they always followed through when they said they would.

3.) Crying does work. ;)


carly said...

wow, my campers aren't on zappos---though they are a season or so old, but i know what you mean about shoes---i have a pair i wanted---thierry rabotin's that were special ordered from italy---they said the cobbler has to get the right color leather and my feet are small...etc. so i have to wait months---i'd show you a pic, but i can't even find one online they're so special :)you are not alone in your shoe crushes!!!

Amanda said...

Don't you love "special order" shoes?! They make me feel special! When you get your pair, Car, you'll have to post a picture of them! I'd love to see them!

My true love shoes came today! I'm wearing them around the house, trying to break them in. The heel is really stiff...

carly said...

cool---i'm going to be wearing my yellow steve madden's today!!!

choiceweb said...

Zappos is dangerous. I ordered two different pairs of Sketches last year because I couldn't decide between the two, ended up keeping both. Doh!