Thursday, August 2, 2007

Maybe I Have a Long Lost Twin...

Donald Miller's writing style reminded me of someone-I-know's writing style...

He cracked me up. He made me think. He made sense. He answered a lot of my questions. He counter-argued my skepticism. He used examples from pop culture to talk about Christian spirituality: Jane Austen, Ethan Hawke, Emily Dickinson, and Ani Difranco to name a few. He listens to Wilco, the Boss, Patty Griffin, Eliot Smith, and Whiskeytown to name a few. I believed him.

Donald Miller renewed my spirituality and helped me understand how I can have a relationship with God (and Jesus) that actually makes sense.

This book is a worthwhile read, especially if you are like me and have your doubts about faith and Christianity. Now the rest is up to me.

Thank you, Terence, for giving me a copy and sharing Miller with me. I hope you did give me this copy. I wrote all over it. I underlined favorite phrases. I doodled in the margins while reading. I seriously loved it!

4 out of 5 jazz-listening Hello Kittys.


Katherine said...

I like Blue Like Jazz a lot, too. He's coming to postmodern, "emergent" Christianity from a conservative starting point, whereas I come to postmodern Christianity from a mainline liberal perspective, but it's interesting to me how easily it is to meet in that radical centerpoint.

And I totally dug his list of bands in the back. ;-)

Terence Armentano said...

Awesome Amanda! Great to read your review. I'm glad to hear you marked all over the book and yes it is yours to keep. God is the ultimate pursuer and His love cannot be contained. When we embrace it, we are never the same.

On the journey,

Amanda said...

Katherine, yes! What was great that he showed that a radical midpoint can exist and that liberals can be Christians too. And I thoroughly enjoyed how he made each lesson relevant to "postmodern" life. It's hard for me to understand how to live my spiritual life if I'm given tools that seem out-dated.

And, Terence, thanks for the book! I definitely would like to talk to you sometime about the journey and your church.