Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Some More Lovin' (Or My New Favorite Adjective)

Usually I devour books.

I savored this one. Really savored it.

Maurice Manning's Bucolics is boss. For real.

The poems in this collection read like the Psalms. They're lyrical, mysterious, gorgeous, and divine. Literally: theses poems are mediations on the relationship between God (Boss) and one inquisitive human.

Manning's choice to not use punctuation beautifully replicates the human consciousness--the speed of emotion, question, reflection, and praise.

Many times these poems reminded me of Emily Dickinson, in terms of their music, pacing, and leaps.

I adored them all, but especially XVIII, XXVIII, XXXI, XLVII, LV, and LXII.

How on earth could I not love a speaker with so many questions?

Sometimes I creeped myself out thinking that Manning could read minds, and he read all the questions in my mind and then wrote this book.

I do have a lot of questions I ask Boss. Unfortunately, my phrasing isn't as imagistic as Manning's.

5 out of 5 boss Hello Kittys.

ps Katherine and Terence, I really think you would dig this book! Of course, everyone should read it!

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