Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Sign of Old Age?

I'm online for my "virtual" office hours: (Wednesdays 9-10 p.m.--There's never any good tv at this time anyway!)

So here I am in my "Life Is Good" PJs at my desk in my home office. I'm checking my Fafa points, and the next thing I know I wake up to Johnny Cash's "Jackson" playing at blast-the-roof-off-this-mutha volume, the keyboard imprinting the right side of my face, and drool puddling on my keyboard's mouse.

Poor Mimi the Mac...

And poor me!

Who knew 30 would be so exhausting?!

Or better yet, I had no idea going from "summer work" to "work work" would be so exhausting!

I got a get a towel and clean up this mess.

Then I need to wash my face with cold water and wake up!

Geez, Top Chef is on in 15 minutes...

(& p.s. What's your guess? How many students IM'ed me this first week of class? Prizes are nonnegotiable.)

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garylmcdowell said...

0. 0 students IM'ed you.