Friday, August 10, 2007

Those Who Run Together Stay Together

Because of the crazy amount of work we've been doing and the threat of "dangerous" storms each night, FD and I haven't been able to take our night-time walks together, which sucks.

Peeking between the mini-blind slats last night, we saw star and clear skies. Our desks were clean. We needed to burn off our BB8 adrenaline. We gave it a shot.

We trot down the drive. We turn onto the sidewalk in front of our house. We see lightning.

We do not turn back. We wanted this walk, and walk we would.

We walked about 10 blocks (? we were talking I don't really remember) and looped around to make the circle back. Distant lightning, muffled rumbles of thunder served as backdrop for our delightful convo, which was fluid, smart, and funny, at times.

Five blocks to home, I feel a little splash on my arm. A drop on my nose.

Me: Here it comes.

FD: RUN!!!

And we ran. And ran. And ran.

I do yoga. I do weights. I do pilates. I do the elliptical machine. I fast-walk on the treadmill. I half-jog on the track at the rec.

I do not run.

I should. It's fun.

We ran, laughed, panted. Ran some more. Panted.

Good times.

In the home stretch I beat FD. It's all about the breathing.

Of course, when we got inside it stopped raining, lightning, thundering.

Whatever. We had fun. We felt healthy with our flushed cheeks, pink noses.

I just can't get motivated to go to the Rec today.

Does running last night count for exercise today?

I am going swimming later...hopefully...if these clouds disappear...That's exercise, right?

And tomorrow I'm going on a fishing charter...that will be a lot of arm exercise...

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The Postive said...

this leaves a wonderful descriptive picture in my mind and i am very happy cause i just figured out how to comment on your page. ha!