Thursday, August 23, 2007

So Pissed I Could Spit (And I Just Might)!

Get this silly shit:

I've been walking to and fro campus everyday in an attempt to avoid the mess of traffic and fist-clenched fight for an open parking space. Also, I'm trying to be healthy and environmentally conscious. I'm a good girl.

Apparently, a good girl with not so good "teacher" shoes.

I have the WORST blisters on the face of this planet. They're on my heels. They're on my ankles. They're on the top of my feet. WTF?!

My summer "teacher" shoes suck!

The obvious answer: buy a pair of summer "teacher" shoes that don't suck and match almost all of my outfits year round (which means I could spend a little more on them...).

Of course, I think Camper. I looked on, but they don't carry Camper shoes.

Then I went because they carry Camper and usually for a little less than other places.

I found the dream pair.
I ordered the dream pair. Zappos said I got free overnight delivery. My precious Camper shoes were slotted to arrive Wednesday by 3 p.m. Perfect: right before my trek to campus.

They didn't arrive Wednesday, so I called Zappos last night to see where they are.

Damon, the Zappos customer service rep, told me he doesn't know where they are. They should be with me.

"Well, they're not, Damon."

He gave me a $20 off coupon, and said to call back if they don't arrive by 3 p.m. Thursday (today).

During my chat with Damon, I was polite and laid-back. I figured I'd get them today. FedEx likes to come first thing in the morning in our neck of the woods.

I got up early. I skipped the gym. I took my shower when I knew FD was going to be reading on the couch by the front door.

They didn't come this morning. I had a bad feeling.

I called Zappos and spoke with a very kind and compassionate Camille. I seriously couldn't get bitchy with this woman. (And those who know me know I can get very bitchy about fashion...)

I did calmly tell her I was so pissed I could spit.

FedEx never picked up my shoes from the warehouse. And Zappos is now out of the black in my size; they only have the white. And Camille said she could send the "Resource" people to find my pair, which was the LAST pair in black in my size. Or, she proposed, she could send me a black pair in size 9 with some free insoles to force them to fit. I rationally explained to Camille that the whole point was finding and wearing comfortable shoes, and that wouldn't be comfortable. So she put the "Resource" people to work trying to find my pair of shoes.

Camille promised me her "Resource" people will call AND email me once they locate my shoes. But it will take some time--at most a couple of months. WTF?!

She refunded my money.

She called me "sweet" and "baby" as I wept.

She gave me a $50 Zappos coupon.

I now have $70 worth of Zappos coupons, but all I really want are my Camper shoes.

As I blog away, right now, my Camper babies are in some crazy 4-football-fields-length warehouse with 3.2 million other products. (All stats provided by Camille.)

They're crying for their mommy. I'm crying for them.

Even though Camille was one of the best customer service reps I've ever had, I wouldn't spend another dime at Zappos if I didn't have these coupons and if they didn't sell Camper shoes.

I'm torn between "half full" and "half empty."

No, I'm not torn. This is an instance of "half empty."

Yes, definitely "half empty."

*Searching desperately online for them for 50 minutes while thinking, "My students better be good today." And, "What if I lose track of time and forget I have to teach altogether?" And, "I really should be working on my next online class..."*

I might break down and buy them from the actual Camper site. I can't even find a pair that looks anything like this, and this is exactly what I'm looking for. Oi!

*More tears.*

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