Sunday, August 5, 2007

Rainy Sundays Are the Best

After obsessively adding books to my goodreads this gloomy morning, I spent the rest of this rainy day in comfy "pirate pants" (as FD calls them) and a cute tee, but more so I was in bed, under very soft Ralph Lauren sheets, reading all day. (Yes, I am even a label whore about my bedding and towels.)

I felt so content. It reminded me of my grad school days. The ones when I stayed inside all day and only thought about books and writing, besides food. I loved those days, especially when I wasn't, wait, when I was, when I wasn't...

Though, I would never be able to read the two books I finished today if I was hungover, so thank God I was sober as a shower. Make that a rain shower.

Adjectives to describe Kate Northrop's Things Are Disappearing Here:
gorgeous, subtle, complex, stripped-down, hearty-substance, challenging, disturbing (in a good way)...

Seriously, this was one of my favorite reads of the summer. Northrop's poems are threaded like something delicate but really they're elfish rope. I envision them as cinematic, moving backwards, a disappearing. And after several rereads, I discovered layers and layers, more and more disturbing details that distort the over-current of seemingly simple moments, simple language, simple images. In other words, these poems are like the Atlantic Ocean; it looks nice for a swim but watch out for the rip tides.

My favorite poems: "The Dog," "The Reconstruction Team," "Lines," "Three Women," "A Glimpse of You, A Vision," "The Countess," ... Really, I should just list every poem in the book.

As I was reading her book I totally kept thinking to myself, "If only I could write like this..."

I was so jealously happy while reading it.

Without a doubt, 5 out of 5 Hello Kittys.


I already knew I was an idiot.

After reading Larrissa Szporluk's new collection Embryos & Idiots, I realize now I'm an embryo and an idiot.

Szporluk's shit is so brilliant that I don't feel completely ready to comment on it.

Mostly because I'm still like, "WTF?!"

How does she do it? Make logic out of crazy-fast-musical language?

Again, I was jealous but, even more so, happy.

However, I feel like I need to drink a case of wine and smoke a bunch of crack in order to "get it."

Maybe I will be hungover tomorrow...

Too bad it's supposed to be sunny and 91...

And I have yoga class at 9 a.m....

4 out of 5 jacked-up Hello Kittys.

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