Monday, July 2, 2007

Thank Megan (and God) for Yoga Class!

After an hour of the new summer session of yoga class, I feel like my good old self.

Yesterday I was the most exhausted I had been in ages. Let me explain.

This past weekend our very good friends from Kent (Bunny, L, & E) came to visit! We had a blast with them! Lots of laughs and talks! And lots of play! E is a free-spirited, really intelligent almost-two year old. And I LOVE to play! So we played and played (at the park, in the driveway in FD's car, in our back playroom, during walks) and I wore myself while E kept going. Like the Energizer bunny, which reminds me of her father...But fab times were had by all! And I haven't took so many naps like I did yesterday or slept as hard as I did last night since probably my childhood, which honestly was really nice.

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On to other topics:

Am I quitter? I've decided if I'm not hooked by a book by page 10, I'm not wasting my time reading it. And so that's the very short story of my reading life with Mary-Ann Tirone Smith's Girls of a Tender Age. I wasn't hooked by anything other than the map she included before the book began. I was bored hearing about her family members and by her flat language. So on my account I created "thequittershelf." My new philosophy is "There are too many books and not enough time."

Moving On:

I better get started on an online writing consultation before FD and I head to the pool! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! I LOVE swimming. Looks like I might wear myself out again!

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