Saturday, July 7, 2007

Homage and Hope

I am obsessed with bathrooms. I have to be.

I have a pea-sized bladder. For real. I've had medical tests done. They told me, and my response was, "Yeah, I know..."

I go a lot, and that's an understatement. I go so much that I have a routine and that routine with thoroughly washing my hands can usually beat any man, who, clearly, has the advantage.

So I'm obsessed with bathrooms. And I'm a germ-a-phob.

Now you probably can imagine my glee upon finding The Lavatory Lady. She's a kindred spirit who feels the same way about bathrooms as me, but she takes matters into her own hands--she goes around Washington DC with her digital camera and exposes the gross truths of uncleanliness.

If we lived closer, much closer, I know for a fact we'd be extremely close friends. No doubt.

This post is dedicated to her. Lavatory Lady, I can't do your work, but I hope this post pays homage to all the hard work you do and gives you hope!

Behold, a bathroom so clean, I seriously want to live in it. I had to fight the urge to lay down on the beautifully orange-tiled, literally sparkling clean floor and writhe around in joy.

Behold, the bathroom at my new favorite restaurant Revolver.

Yes! This is the BATHROOM! Can you believe it?

Of course, I squealed, laughed, and danced around to the music flowing at a reasonable volume through the overhead speaker.

It's so clean, it radiates!

It's so clean, Mr. Clean looks like a filthy dirtbag.

Look at how this toilet shines! I was not scared to sit down.

Some may think I'm being silly. I'm not.

You should see my thigh muscles from squatting.

This is honest giddiness that comes from finding a public bathroom that is exceptionally-maintained and clearly cared about, which reflects the owners' feelings towards his and her diners.

Obviously, they care.

Which means a lot in this world of such-disgusting-bathrooms-sometimes-it's-better-to-just-hold-it

My favorite: the sink!

Yes, this is the sink you wash your hands in!!!

Does all this totally remind you of that Kohler commercial with the blind guy who says to his girlfriend, "You have to see the bathroom!"?

I washed my hands three times during one of my several visits to the bathroom (not b/c I had to go but b/c I had to go see it again!)

And to boot, being environmentally sound, the owners don't use obnoxious blowers or wasteful paper towels, they use cloth individual cloth towels that once you're done using, you put in a basket beneath the sink.

I can only imagine that a staff member removes the used towels well before the basket gets full and then that person soaks those towels in bleach during the soak cycle then washes them in the hot water cycle.

My husband and I were some of the first people at the restaurant (we're early birds), but I can only imagine the attention this bathroom gets throughout the course of a late night.

Hell, I'd clean that bathroom every 15 minutes just to use the sink.

5 out of 5 Hello Kittys for bathroom cleanliness, Revolver. Thank you for caring about your patrons and restoring the faith of this frequent bathroom visitor!

I'm applauding. Right now. I bet you can hear me.


SEM said...

Friday night, while blatantly drunk and walking down Main Street.. I dead serious said, "ever wonder who is in the book of world records for world's tiniest bladder?... ME!"

Penultimatina said...

Good golly, what a heavenly loo. Is that restaurant in BG? If so, I will have to check in out during Winter Wheat this year.

I'm a loo-o-phile too. What really ticks me off is a great, trendy restaurant that has mundane, pedestrian bathrooms.

I give extra points for soap that smells like coconuts or other delicious things.

Amanda said...

Oh, Penultimatina, I wish this joint was in BG! It's in Findlay, so not far away, only 30 minutes!

I was so delirious on the cleanliness , a bit lushed up on wine, and fully intoxicated on food, I don't remember the smell of the soap at all. It's a detail I promise to pay attention to next time.

Thanks for coming out about your loo-o-phile-ness too! We'll have to meet and talk at Winter Wheat!