Monday, July 30, 2007

The Curse of Web 2.0

Don't get me wrong--I LOVE all the great things that make the internet so much more three dimensional. I just hate all the online time I'm devoting to changing my status of "wannabe techie" to "techie."

My new favorite Web 2.0 thingy/widget: Wink. It's a great people search engine, but more importantly it's a fab way to keep your online life organized. Seriously.

While Wink rocks, MySpace does not. I'm sick of trying to find the perfect background while learning basic html code in order to change the font, font size, paragraph breaks, etc. Facebook is just so much better. It's prettier and cleaner. I like clean. MySpace is a friggin' mess I have no idea how to make pretty. I hate it. I'm happy to have found some old friends, though.

In other (yet related) news, I'm putting together another new online class. This one is for ENG 112, which is called Varieties of Writing, which is the Part II composition course (in BGSU's Two Part program) that uses academic research and source synthesis. I'm excited! In preparation for creating this online class I'm exploring more Web 2.0 apps in order to make it even more stellar than my ENG 111 online course (more on that one soon).

At least today I did manage to spend the morning working outside weeding, organizing the garage, cleaning our new patio furniture (Thank you, Andy and Tracie!), and reading while tanning. So I haven't been a complete shut-in today.

For tonight: Pilates class, dinner, more online course planning, and reading. I just wish there was more time. I would use it to look at this. Which would still keep me online...

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beth said...

ahhh, if there was only time. more time. i am trying to leave the house today. i'm planning on some exercise. tanning while reading? that's only a pipe dream. it's freaking hot here!