Thursday, July 26, 2007

Biased and Not

I know Carly. I love Carly.

So you probably think this review is biased.

I won't lie. It probably is.

But I can tell you honestly if I didn't LOVE this book, I would have never openly said I was reading it and then mini-review it.

the steam sequence is a risky, challenging, and fearless collection of poems that are/aren't narratively interconnected.

These poems are fragmented and rightfully so. They replicate one woman's Holocaust experience, perhaps at Auschwitz.

The said and the left-unsaid are spot on. I truly felt the unspeakable and the pain in the white space of these poems, in addition to the "all as one" idea in the combination of words/sentences/contexts poems.

Even if Carly wasn't my friend, I would be in love with this first book of poems. It's brave, loving, and hard. I'm probably stepping over my bounds, but I see it as Oliver's grandma's voice in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, if indeed her words on the page were visible and if she survived Auschwitz.

Thank you for your thank you, love. It means worlds.

Another rare five out of five Hello Kittys. And not a biased five out of five either.

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carly said...

I'm honored!!! Just think what started so long ago when you introduced me to stickers on poems and Jane Kenyon!