Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Response to a Tag From A Tag I Tagged...Is that right?

Gary tagged me after I tagged him. And so the cycle spirals. Much like the City Pool waterslide.

The tag:

"You're stranded on a desert island. With no one around. Like worse than Lost.

(I'm going to take liberty to revise here. Stokes pointed out that the Lost island is pretty magical, so my stranded island couldn't be "worse." Very true... So let's think of my island like this: you don't have any friends like they do on Lost or any Others to befriend or betray?, for that matter. I was thinking the polar bears and smoke monster might not be so magical if one was alone. It may be more scarier-than-hell-and-books-could-protect-you.)

Luckily, you have 5 books with you. What are they?"

Here is my list in no order. I have a feeling tomorrow I'm going to want to revise this post...

Emily Dickinson ~ The Complete Poems (Why? Because I still haven't finished that book. And I still have more to learn from her. I would never tire of my Emily.)

Sylvia Plath ~ The Collected (I was thinking Ariel, but The Collected would be more rewarding. Again, she could sustain me, give me much to think about instead of the smoke monster.)

Jonathan Safran Foer ~ Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (If I can't have FD, I must have my other love!)

Jane Austen ~ Pride and Prejudice (How could I live without Jane? Especially if Mr. Darcy is involved?!?)

Craig Thompson ~ Blankets (WHAT?!? I'd take a graphic novel?!? I was going to pick Lyn Hejinian's The Language of Inquiry which is a book I understand/don't understand and could spend a lot of time thinking about. But seriously, I might need something to look at when I don't feel like reading. And Thompson's illustrations are really awesome and it's a thick book so there's a lot to look at. And the story is really great!)

My five. I hope I think to pack them before I am stranded on my desert island.

I tag Katherine, Stephanie, Anna, Carly, and Mary. (Sorry, as you can tell, besides Gary, I only know girl bloggers.)

Keep in mind that books on a stranded island may be different from your all-time favorite books. FD mentioned that one of his books would be a dictionary. And I was thinking I could take along some Bly--I might need something to start a fire with...


garylmcdowell said...

Diggin' on Bly. Nice. :)

I love your posts. So much fun.

Anna said...

Oh crap! I got tagged and didn't even notice! I better get on it - better late than never, right?