Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The 4th (And How I Imagine Our Forefathers Would Want Us to Spend It)

With threats of severe thunderstorms looming over us all morning, the pool became more a dream and less a possibility. And in that fading dream I saw my little friend Mohammad reaffirming FD is not allowed on the slide during adult swim. Oh, the fun that quickly vanished.

In the wake of my vanished dream, I have spent too much time on the internet today obsessively adding books to goodreads, adding pointless applications to Facebook, and constantly checking Fafa to see if I can't get out of my 5th place in 4 out of 6 of my leagues, and stumbling upon whatever stumbleupon stumbles upon. Oy, how my wrists ache with Carpal Tunnel, but for some reason it all feels worth it--I'm smarter, hipper, and maybe a winner.

I did spend a good deal of time reading and listening to Yes with little choice (FD's new summer obsession), so I wasn't completely sucked into the internet vortex...I had a good hour and a half break....

Now at 4:30, of course, the sun is beaming happily. And, of course, the pool that now costs $4.75-a-$1.75-more-than-last-year's-$3 closes in an hour. Totally not worth it. But grilling plans are saved and perhaps an evening fire and nighttime walk can be had. I have on my Juicy swimsuit and Halo bronzer with spf and Season of the Body beside Mimi the Mac, so I'm ready to move outdoors into the sun and away from the screen that could easily be my sun and moon.

Before I leave, though, let me leave you with some of my finds today (StumbleUpon rocks, especially when you're bored during on/off rain):

The Rhetorical Letter Writer
Beautiful Vandalism
Sweet Nothings

All are worthwhile blogs you could subscribe to. And I found some things for myself that later I will share. I want to keep them secret for now.


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