Saturday, July 7, 2007

A Tasty Treat! (Eat Before Reading This Post!)

Because I believe in longer-than-one-day celebrations, FD and I chose to start our 2nd anniversary a few days early and traveled to Findlay, Ohio for a fabulous, gourmet meal at the very RAD, totally AWESOME, so-mind-blowing-good-everyone-should-go-there-even-if-you-have-to-fly-there
Revolver Restaurant (which was suggested to us by DH, who we are eternally grateful for)!

Revolver is a locally-owned gourmet restaurant that gets its name from a record revolver. The owners/chefs create not only a fantastic restaurant with fresh, locally grown foods; clean, simple plating; and a very open contemporary decor dining room that looks into the kitchen, but also what makes this restaurant so special is that they choose a music artist to feature every week--hence, Revolver.

If you love food and music, I'm serious, this is the BEST place to eat in Northwest Ohio--I'll take the risk to say in all of Ohio maybe in the Mid-west. (I'm new to being a foodie, but I really want to say, even in the USA--at least for what you get for the price!)

This photo journal is a tad bit of our journey. More photos can be seen at Flickr!

Of course, weeks before beginning any journey, FD scoped out Findlay bookstores online. You can see his dismay at finding this one closed. (And his dismay at me for catching his dismay on film.)

(We did head back to Books on Main the next day to find a wonderfully organized used bookstore with so many very rare books. Be sure to check it out when you're in Findlay!)

The outside of Revolver.

Looking at the building makes me starved!

Just wait until you see the inside!

As we're seated at our table and handed menus, we read that this week the chosen musical artist is...Woody Guthrie. Now, FD and I are fans of Mr. Guthrie. But when I think of WG, I think of the Mermaid Avenue albums Wilco and Billy Bragg did together. But I don't think twice about the Mermaid Avenue stuff. After all, it's Woody's night, not Wilco or Billy Bragg's

As we're seated, sipping on drinks after we've ordered, we hear the cymbals and drums of "Walt Whitman's Niece." Immediately, we clap and dance around in our seats.

Yes, the food made our experience, but this surprise made us feel holy. "California Stars" was the last song of the night at our wedding, and it was special because all of our loved ones formed a hand-held circle around us and we danced in the center, sharing beaming smiles with each other and our guests. It was truly special to hear that song and, even more so, be surprised by that album.

It was a sign we were definitely to eat there.

The amuse bouche (a bite-sized morsel designed to awaken your taste buds and force them to salivate): cherry foam with a sliver of white chocolate served with pinch of peppermint.

Yum is an understatement!

Appetizer: Chilled Walleye (there's a fancy name for it, but I'm a wanna-be foodie, so give me a break!) with carrots and beets.

So good I thought maybe I had died, but no, I was just in food-heaven on earth!

FD had shrimp wrapped in duck prosciutto. I was so excited about my dish I forgot to snap a pic of his before he gobbled it all up.

Salad: Bacon, organic greens with Amish hard-bolied eggs, resting on top of Maytag bleu cheese.

I squealed. Out loud. People stared.

Instead of salad, FD chose the corn soup.

This wasn't just some regular soup, though.

They brought the bowl with only 2 quarter-sized pastas that were cream-filled with bacon crumbled on top of them. Then our server, Chase, brought the broth in a little blue glass pitcher.

I love watching faces, and I especially loved watching FD's face of glee at this deconstructed/reconstructed soup as well as Chase's pure bliss at pouring something so rad!

Main course: New York Strip Steak with a very tasty sauce served with a side of polenta.

FD and I got the same thing because neither one of us wanted to have food envy.

The steak barely had barely any fat, and it was sooooooo tender and juicy I had a "OHHHHMYYYY"-gasm.

Yes, people stared at me.

Dessert: Chocolate Creme Brulee with locally grown organic raspberries.

Finally, my eyes rolled back in my head and I lost consciousness.

There are no words for this tasty treat!

FD got the handmade, homemade ice cream tray. Flavors from left to right: Strawberry, Chocolate, Ginger, Creme Fresh.

The Ginger was the best ice cream I've had in my life. We told them to start selling it or we could take it to the streets and sell it like crack.

The very full, totally satisfied, quite buzzed, beyond happy, but, most of all, simply in-love couple.

I can't recommend this place enough! If you live in Northwest Ohio there is no excuse for you not to go. I vouch that we did not pay any crazy NY/LA prices for this fantastic food. The prices were completely reasonable and well within our means (not, like, we could go there every week, but we're talking about trying to go every couple of months.) You should allow 2-3 hours, though. This is an experience, not some corporate-run get-em-and-out eyesore.

If you don't believe me, check out these reviews. Some from foodies from LA.

I have a feeling FD and I will be obsessing over this meal until we go back again.

What a special night with my hubby!


beth said...

It all started when I graduated Hull Elementary and they got a new library the next year. I've forever had bad luck with cool things happening to places that I leave. And so it is with this restaraunt! Damn! I want to go there, and we could've found a babysitter. It'll be fun to hunt for good food here in Greensboro, but the 2-3 hour meal...I don't think Shaun's up for it. :(

Oh, I wish I could try this place and freak out with you!

carly said...

mmm, sounds like a place for Ramona!!! How is your Lucy?

Suma said...

Your anniversary trip is very excellent and was really a great lovable moment for each other...

suma valluru