Monday, July 2, 2007

So Funny I Almost Peed in the Pool: A Honest-to-God True Story

Setting: City Park, stairs leading to very fun water slide during the adult swim that happens every 45 minutes.

Me: "I'm so excited to go down the slide! I LOVE it!"

FD: "I know you love it."

Red-headed kid blocks the stairs.

FD: "Excuse us, please. We want to go on the slide."

Kid: "You're not allowed."

FD: "Why not?"

Me: under my breath, "WTF???!!!"

Kid: "No one can go on the slide right now. I'm first in line. You'll have to wait."

FD: "It's adult swim. We can go on the slide, but you can't right now. In ten minutes you'll be on the first on the slide."

Kid: gripping rails even tighter so we can't pass, "No!"

FD: "Please move so we can go on the slide." Voice stern and loud. He edges closer, looms over kid.

Me: Mouth open, squinting eyes. This is the first kid to not be afraid of a 6'4" man with a beard. I'm impressed--and irritated. I JUST WANT TO GO DOWN THE SLIDE!!!

Kid: "How old are you?"

FD: "Older than 18."

Kid: loosening grip, "OK..."

FD: "Thanks."

Me: Racing past kid who has now moved aside and FD who stands amazed. Yay! I can go down the water slide!

Kid: grimaces.

Revision I must add!!!:

At top of slide, I ask slide watcher, "What's up with that kid at the bottom? He almost didn't let us up the stairs!"

SlideWatcher: "That's Mohammad. Just tell him I said to let you through or he won't be able to ride the slide the rest of the day!"

Red-headed Mohammad and the power of a Slide Watcher! How could I neglect that info?!?

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Penultimatina said...

Good golly, I totally miss that BG city pool! *sigh* I was always too chicken to go down the slide, though. :)