Friday, June 29, 2007

It Was A Good Day

I just realized that I have read 20 books this summer thus far.

I called to FD from my office, and told him. He said, "You're a machine, my little bird."


We saw an incredible sunset this evening. I took some pics. Perhaps I will post them sometime soon.


I found the Juliana Hatfield Three cd I've been looking for. It's at our university library, on the music listening floor--my new favorite floor (imagine single vinyls hanging from the ceiling, purple walls with musician posters, and pink lamps--my kind of place). For $1.50 (the cost of a blank CD that works in their machines) they are burning me "My Sister" as well as her EP For the Birds. Needless to say, I'm happy.

I still have to trust strangers, but I feel a little better about that because they are strangers who I know work at our library.


Get this: last night during our late night walk past our beloved City Park, I get a bug between my toes. I stop us to pick it free when FD starts nudging me non-stop. I look up to see a man in amour walking out of the dark shadows of the golf course onto the lighted sidewalk. I stand up. FD and I stare. Medieval cross on chest. Tin-man clank. We were stone-cold sober, I swear.

FD: "Can I ask you why you're dressed in amour?"
Tin-Man: "Jerusalem."
FD and me: "?" (our faces say it all)
TM: "The Holy Wars."
FD and me: "?"
TM: "I'm just fucking with you."
FD and me: "?"
TM: "We have role playing in the park every Thursday night. I'm on my way to El Zarape to meet up with a friend. Try to make it next week to watch."
FD and me: "!"

Then the Tin-Man walked off into the night--in the street by the way--to a restaurant that by foot takes about an hour to get to--with his heavy outfit maybe an hour and a half.

When he was out of sight, we started walking again. After about five minutes FD said, "Cool."

Tin-Man reminded me of my favorite pic I took in Gettysburg of a Civil War re-en-actor walking down a street talking on a cell phone...I might have to post that pic soon.


Tomorrow is the last day of my birthmonth. I have a special treat. Stay tuned.


BTW, the title of this post pays homage to Ice Cube song.


Oh, and I got Sonic Youth's album Sister.


And, finally, if you want to get me a birthmonth present, please make it an iPhone. I actually think I want one more than my Chrome Hearts sunglasses...Oh, I don't know. It's really a toss up...

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