Wednesday, April 23, 2008

American Idol: A Facebook Convo Between Me & Theresa Williams--Maybe Idol's Two Biggest Fans*

My Facebook status: Amanda McRz fears that Brooke from Idol is going home, and that makes me really sad...

"Yes, I think Brooke is probably going home. It was a good show tonight though, wasn't it? I wasn't sure how it would work out with the show tunes, but they all did all right. I didn't think any of them had their "best" night, unless it was Syesha's best night. She quite surprised me. I thought Jason did better than Simon said he did, but it wasn't the best song he could have chosen. Yet there were moments in the song that were quite tender and lovely, nearly heartbreaking. I thought David Cook's performance a bit odd. Very soft until the end when he let his wonderfully gravelly voice take over. It was kind of pretty, but overall it didn't quite work for me."

Me: "I agree on all counts of Idol. I'm thinking that even though Syesha had her best performance, she still might go home in the next few weeks. She proved theater is her thing; America wants a pop star...I thought Jason did much better too than Simon said. I wish he would have put a Jack Johnson spin on this song, though, like David A did. I think then he would have totally kicked David A's ass! David A. put his pop ballad spin in it, and as sick I am of it, he's still my pick to win. America loves his bashfulness and strong voice. America needs more power pop ballads by males, apparently. David I adore his rock stuff, but last night's performance was too much like a pedophile singing; it creeped me out. Totally. He's safe, though. Then there's my poor Brooke. She's been my personal fav since auditions. The one I've wanted to win. I love her voice and the style of her singing, but a do-over isn't cool, esp live. It'll be Brooke or Jason. But my pick is Brooke."

* Sorry my post isn't my usual rant, but the only ranting I have in me deals with grading...

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