Friday, February 8, 2008

I'm Not Above Stealing Ideas

Maybe you remember my jealous post?...

If you don't, a brief recap: I was friended on Facebook by a girl I went to high school with and after viewing her profile I found out she has a kick-ass blog (she doesn't call it that, but I do.) I was jealous. Until Stokes set me straight. (Thanks, dollface!)

Plus, I've done lots of yoga and thinking since then.

I'm no longer jealous.

But, happily, I'm going to steal one of her brilliant ideas.

She's been doing self-portraits every day on her Flickr page. (Yeah, I stalk her on Flickr too...)

And I've decided I LOVE this idea. Think about it: so much happens in one minute, one hour, one day, one week, one year. Here us bloggers are documenting our lives with words (with a few YouTube videos thrown in), but self portraits? Be still my heart: how I adore Visual Rhetoric.

Really, I should get my PhD in Comp Rhet for how much I LOVE Visual Rhetoric and digital identity.

Alas, I love the money I make much, much more. (Even though, truth be told, I wish I made much, much more. LOL!)


It's so easy to expedite the self-portrait idea in this digital age, right? Hello, Photo Booth on Mimi the Mac (and other Macs...) And even digital cameras. (What of the new trend of taking your picture in a mirror?)

But here's my spin: to not pose. To post the first pic I take with Photo Booth. And to capture an emotion in the heat of the moment, not to try to replicate it later.

And I've been obsessed lately with feeling like I don't look good. Maybe I could debunk some of these "gross" feelings if I saw myself being natural in the moment and feeling an emotion in that moment without worrying, "A hair is out of place. Retake the photo."

So many people tell me I have a very expressive face. Shouldn't I put it to good use?

And perhaps get a good Facebook profile pic out of it...

Today's is called: "Unwinding on the internet."

Literally, I'm unwinding the internet.

I need to stop before I get more ridiculous...

Very soon I need to tell you all about my new awesome addiction: Myles Baker Street.


Anna Banana said...

And now I'm jealous also! I'll have to think about stealing that idea. Do all y'all really want to see a daily pic of me? Didn't think so. :-)

SEM said...

myles bakery product or an all-consuming oral orgasm? you be the judge