Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Confessions (Two for Tuesday)

If you've read my Twitter this morning, then you already know.

But Bleu sleeps in his kennel all night--from 11:30-6 or 7 a.m. But the past two days we've put him in bed with us from 6-8 a.m. to get some more sleep.

And we do get more sleep. It's heavenly.

But that little pig is becoming a pillow hog.

Even more honesty, though, I'm worried he'll want to sleep with us all the time and stop liking this kennel. But I know if we make the pattern just for the morning and keep the night pattern the same with his kennel, he'll be fine.

You should see him jump off the bed. It's like he's saying, "I'm done sleeping. NOW, let's eat!" It's priceless.


I can't stop thinking about the shootings at NIU.

I want to say something more than "I'm sorry." Or "My heart is with them." But I don't know what to say about something so horrific.

I don't understand why that kind of violence.

My confession: More and more in my role as college instructor I'm becoming paranoid about my safety, my husband's, my students', and my colleagues.

I feel like I need to become a protector in order to be a good teacher. That scares me.

No matter what fear is not going to stop me from being the best teacher I can. If anything, I'm going to use it to empower me and appreciate my students even more.


MeMeReezy said...

Wow, it is really sad. Not too long ago school shootings were shocking and now your hearing about them once every few months! We really do need to do something more to protect ourselves. Someday there will be metal detectors in buildings and residence halls. What's it going to take for other schools to take this threat seriously?

Travis Schafer said...

It is quite horrifying about the school shootings. After the first major one at Virginia Tech last year, I kind of felt it to be an isolated and sporadic incident. Needless to say, I felt safe here at BG. But after all the other shootings makes it feel to be, as gross as this sounds, a growing "trend" among students.

It is a horrible shame that people forget the beauty and power in every day life. Even worse, they feel that everyone else should match their pain through violence.

There is strength in knowing that faculty are truly protective of their students. We're all here to learn and to grow and understand, and we do that through a deep relationship with our fellow students and instructors.