Wednesday, February 20, 2008

American Idol: My Girl Picks

Top 6 Girls will be:

The Two Girls Going Home Thursday:
Amy and Joanne.

My Fav Girls:
Brooke (She so pure.)
Amanda (She's totally herself.)
Carly (She's Irish.)
Ramiele (She's so cute!)

The Girls I Can't Stand:
Amy--The performance sucked so bad I'm speechless.
There's just too many blondes. They remind me of Carrie Underwood. Doesn't a girl with another image deserve to win?

Tonight I noticed more so than any other season before that the contestants are hyper-aware of their appearances and images--how they look, how they dress, their hair, their shoes, what their promotional material is like, what image they are portraying. I keep thinking this has something to do with all the self-promo we do online via Facebook, MySpace, etc. Maybe I'm over thinking Idol, but I had to share.

And do you think Britney is crazy enough to appear on Idol just to meet Kady? I DO!

Tomorrow my girl and boy picks to win.

Tonight enjoy the lunar eclipse.

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