Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I'm Dedicated

After much thought, I've come up with 5 realistic resolutions for 2008.

1.) Be a good doggy-mama. Tomorrow we pick up our boy Bleu, and our journey with him will be begin. Being that this is my first time being a doggy-mama, I'm excited and nervous. No matter what, though, I want to train him to be a fabulous dog, which is something I know I can do with much work and commitment.

2.) Be a better consumer. I LOVE shopping. Too much. This year I resolve to think before spending. First, I'm not going to purchase any brand-new clothes--only resale clothes, which will be easy considering I don't have any worthwhile resale shops around me. I really want to learn to recycle clothing (albeit still designer clothes only) more instead of buying something on a whim or buying something to "feel" better. Plus, I want to see how much of my clothes I really wear. Second, once the Farmers Markets open in the Spring, I'm going to really try to buy as many groceries from them rather than the grocery store. More and more I'm disgusted by the processed foods we eat, the high costs for the little value, and the unnatural cycle of consumerism when we simply could be supporting our local farms. I firmly believe by reevaluating what I spend money on, I can control the amount of "crap" in my life and faithfully practice the valuable lesson of "want not, need not."

3.) Limit eating out to ONE meal a week and save up for a meal at Revolver during each season. After reading the post about our New Year's Eve dinner, you can see why I would make this one of my resolutions.

4.) Drink 45 fl. oz. of water a day with the goal to strengthen my bladder, cleanse my system, and control my diet.

5.) Continue my daily and weekly class yoga practice.

These are do-able. Totally. And challenging. Totally.

Here we go 2008. I'm excited to see what this year has in store.


Anna said...

Drinking more water can strengthen your bladder? I like your goals. I only made one goal, which was to do one thing each day to make myself happy.

Amanda said...

So I've been told, girl. I guess we'll find out. ;) I like your goal too. It's one that is often overlooked by those who are always doing for others.