Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Bleu's turning into a lap dog. From 6-11 every night for the past 3 weeks he's been sleeping in my lap.

Can you imagine an 80 lb lap dog?

Me neither.

Tonight I begin the slow break in this habit.

It's hell.

For me and him.

Thank God I only have 18 minutes left.

I just want to snuggle.

I can't imagine how he feels.

Oh, and btw, wtf, Heath Ledger? Dude, not cool. You'll be missed.

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garylmcdowell said...

Rilke is a lap dog too. Too hard to tell her no. She's way too cute. But she's also really good about sleeping on her bed... it's a win-win situation! Good luck with the training. It's so hard when they're so cute!