Sunday, January 20, 2008

Waiting...For News

Mama Katherine and Daddy Ben

(dear friends from my days in Kent who are beyond amazing peeps!),

I'm waiting for the baby news.

C'mon, baby, make a break for it. Your mama is tired and needs her body back.

Plus, I'm dying to hear what it's like to be a mama. Well, a baby mama, not puppy mama.

Love you guys.

ps There's another mother-to-be I'm thinking of.

Oh, all these mamas gets me thinkin' about mamas...


Katherine said...

Thank you!!

News soon, I hope I hope I hope. :-)

LemonCadet said...

Oh my gosh! I love that nursery. I'm hoping when we are as far along as your friend, we will have such a nursery as well. I'm having trouble getting Mr. Lemon motivated...

We got a crib and a dresser and a big mess!

I want more pics of the dog.