Saturday, September 8, 2007

Kick Me Silly

To say I LOVE Paul Feig's Kick Me is an understatement.

I LOVE this book so much it's one of the main reasons I was procrastinating on grading. Or I should say it kept me from grading.

In other words, I had to finish it before I could do my job.

That's pretty darn good, huh?

Remember all the stupid shit that happened to you in school? I once walked around with toilet paper on my shoe for three periods before anyone told me to look at my shoe. And don't even get me started on the time I puked up Snapple Green Tea because I had three BEFORE homeroom. Or the time I peed in a McDonald's cup. Or the many times I started my period during some pointless class and prayed I wouldn't bleed through because teachers back then never let anyone go to the bathroom.

That's this book. Only Paul Feig's writing style is WAY funnier than mine.

God bless him.

And he is the creator of the best show EVER: Freaks and Geeks.

Seriously, readers, you MUST read this book. Read it when you need a pick-me-up. Read it when you need to feel like someone finally understands your dorkiness. Read it when you want to feel like a kid again. Read it just for some old-fashioned giggles.

READ IT FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD!!! Especially, you, Stokes! You would hug this book like it was your preppy, popped collar dog.

Five out of five proud-to-still-be-an-embarrassed-geek Hello Kittys.


Katherine said...

I so want to read this book.

I remember being totally confused as to why you and Bryan were so obsessed with Freaks and Geeks, as I was in my "I don't watch TV and I only own one so I can rent obscure independent films" phase. I am so out of that phase now (isn't it a nauseating phase?), and have since gone back and rented every single episode of Freaks and Geeks and now I now why you loved it so much: it positively rocks. Now I am obsessed with Judd Apatow, and good television in general.

SEM said...

I'm lurking. I like the way you think.