Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's A Small World After All (The Question Is: Will You Be Singing that Song to Yourself The Rest of the Day?)

Here are three blogs totally worth a damn:

The Bee's Knees : Finally, Stokes has rejoined the blogging community. Hilarity may now resume ensuing.

The Real Irony
: Through Stokes I found her friend Christy who has a funny bone too. All this laughing is going to a.) keep my weight off, b.) help me deal with my daily life frustrations, and c.) keep me closer to girls I adore.

Lemon Cadet
: Talk about RAD homemade goods! I randomly found Lemon Cadet on Etsy and discovered she's a very dear friend of mine from grad school. The world is small.

And I haven't even told the story about finding my childhood best friend on MySpace yet...


bethany said...

Thanks for the plug doll face! I am glad you enjoy my ramblings as much as I do! Oh and I am thrilled you found Christy, she is filarious!

Christy said...

D! I am honored to be among your new faves.

Anonymous said...

myspace is stricly a stalking device... and I'm quite nosey!