Saturday, September 29, 2007

Potential Dognapper

Friday FD read at Detroit Mercy. He, of course, was awesome! And I, of course, looked cute in my cupcake hoodie.

Friday night we hung out with our friends John, Sarah, Ethan, and John's sister Emily. Sarah made an amazing pot roast (one of my all-time favorite meals) and plum cobbler (with homemade whipped cream--HEAVEN!!!). We talked late in the night by their outdoor fire pit. Fantastic times!

But in spite of the awesome poetry, goregous campus, great company and fabulous food, one little dog stole the show: Benny!

I ADORE Benny. I want to put him in my pocket and carry him around with me wherever I go. I want to put a basket on my bike just so he can ride to campus with me and teach with me and watch tv with me. I want to share an ice cream cone with him and hunt squirrels with him. I LOVE BENNY!

Seriously, I want to dognap him.

This morning Benny and I had a photo shoot so I could always have proof our undying love for each other. He modeled like no other dog. Ever. He owned the camera. Move over Tinkerbell! Here comes Benny! Booyah!

I think John, Sarah, Ethan, and FD thought I was completely crazy, but that's what puppy love did to me--made me completely crazy...

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