Wednesday, October 10, 2007


If I didn't think it is unprofessional (for me, not others) to blog about students, I would post something. Something really good.

But I can say this:

Have you ever had a day where you've been around, like, one or two people who you can't wait to get away from?

I had one of those days. Actually more like one of those 1hr and 15 minute classes. Make that an hour class after I said, "Just leave."


What bums me out is I have sooooooo many totally rad students who are motivated, work hard, put forth great effort, and think critically. I should be focusing on them--my angels!

But it's so hard to think positive when all I really want is to punch something.

God, for real, where is my inflatable Weebl Bop Bag from childhood? Seriously.

Or my boxing gloves.

Yes, Pops bought my bro and I boxing gloves so we could "have it out--safely."

Wait, I think I know where my boxing gloves are.

I should take up boxing.

I've always admired honesty in folks--true, bleeding heart honest--so I figure why not be honest with you, my readers.

It's not Always Sunny in Bowling Green.

If only I was Charlie in the Green Man Suit. Then it might be Sunny. And I might be Sunny.

(OK, I tried to find Charlie in the Green Man Suit on YouTube, but this will have to do:

So wrong, but so right when I need a laugh...)


Amy said...

You can have me back in your class anyday! Really... I would much rather be back in ENG 111 or 112 than ANY of the classes I'm taking now.

BTW, you haven't ever wrote or contributed to a text book, have you?

LemonCadet said...

I was there on Monday.

"Do your own conference if you think you're so smart," that's what I would say.

I'll still be grading your final drafts.

bethany said...

Unfortunately, the social aspect of college is often more intoxicating (literally) than the academic. Take it from one of those people!

Don't let them get ya down!