Wednesday, October 17, 2007

For the Love of Zappos!!!

Katherine just sent a link to this Consumer Review of Zappos.

And I thought they showed love to me.

I think it might be the ONLY place I buy shoes from when I buy shoes.

Which won't be for awhile b/c I'm so content with my Zappo purchased discounted Campers*.

(*Upon looking for the link to my comfy Camper shoes, I found they are no longer offered...God does take care of me...)


On another note, I write my blog posts usually on Mimi the Mac.

My blog looks so much prettier on her.

On my campus PC, it's not so pretty. What to do about that...

1 comment:

SEM said...

it looks real fly on my Macbook Pro...

PC is an acronym for pretty crappy.. macs forever!!!