Sunday, November 9, 2008


If I get an iPhone & use TwitPic more, then I don't really need a blog.

For example, last night during yet another AWESOME FABULOUS Revolver Restaurant experience, I could have used the iPhone's camera to take a pic, then used wifi to post the pic to TwitPic where I would have written a stellar update about how awesome my food was & how jealous you should be--if you have or have not eaten there! (And you should eat there SOON!) The whole thing would have been faster, easier, & more in the moment than writing a long post here, which unfortunately I'm finding less & less time to do. Like right now, for example, when I need to cook my own fabulous meal for my in-laws, swiffer up all this black dog hair on our wood floors, and visit a dear friend's brother's & dad's calling hours.

Microblogging is the wave of the future
. I just think it might be better for my life than actual blogging at this point. I'm tried of thinking of "catchy" posts, needless time-consuming writing (when I should be creatively or professionally writing), the impersonal internets & feeling guilty about being self indulgent. Maybe I wouldn't feel this way if I was a celeb or a mom or using my blog as a business tool, but I do feel this way right now.

Any other bloggers feeling this way too or am I alone here?


julie platt said...

i think you're definitely right (almost typed "write") about this. phill calls these things "burst communication"--text messages, microblogging, etc.

our culture is accelerating and perhaps we need to catch up with it.

engrama said...

I'm not ready for microblogging! This is all moving way too fast for me. I just started my blog in August and I love writing there because it keeps me up to date with my research. But I DO understand about feeling guilty for not doing "real" work. I tend to write VERY long, detailed posts that eat up my time.
I still like reading your stuff here! :)