Monday, November 19, 2007

A Week of Thankfulness (Day 1)

This past weekend I realized how thankful I am for two special students.

One sent me the coolest care package ever with some Detroit Tigers goodies, a stuffed baby turtle, AWESOME mix CDs, a pic of her yellow lab (which is officially hanging on our fridge), and one of the most honest letters I have ever gotten from anyone in my life.

The other called me to talk about her plans to transfer and her major change. I think she was looking for advice or confirmation, but without knowing it she gave me more than I gave her. She renewed my faith in people who actually want to help others in need and helped me feel not-so-alone in the competitive world of writing.

Thank you, ladies!


SEM said...

I'm kind of like Paula Abdul... you know, "straight up"!

x's and o's, have a great break lady friend

Amy said...

Woa. I guess I'll be sending you care packages from Akron. I might even start a blog like yours.

Glad our conversation touched you as much as me.