Monday, November 26, 2007

Who Am I To Brag About My Relationship with Jesus?

Yesterday I started our Christmas decorating.

And this is one treasure I'd like to share:

our new Playmobil Nativity Set.

Seriously, how could I not brag about a Playmobil Baby Jesus and a gorgeous Mary sporting some lovely eyelashes as well as the awesome assortment of animal and three kings who look like pimps?!?

As I kid I envied those other kids with Playmobil.

Seriously, the Playmobil dollhouse kicks Barbie's manison's ass any day of the week.

I'm thankful now we own our own BOSS Playmobil toys.

Just look how happy Jesus is for us!

And so begins the Christmas season in the McRz household.


Katherine said...

Oh my goodness, I'm TOTALLY COVETING your nativity set. That baby Jesus rocks!!

LemonCadet said...

That backdrop is incredible. Wow! Far out, dude. And Jesus is clearly happy. Look at his little arms.

Amanda said...

that is one BOSS nativity set. I really would love to just play with it for hours. I guess i will have to ask Santa for one in the future.