Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dot in the Universe Dot in the Universe by Lucy Ellmann

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Once I started understanding and appreciating the experimentation of the blur between first and third person narration, I couldn't put this book down.

The themes/discussions of birth, life, death, love, lust, consumerism, and everything else (I'm leaving out a lot) are incredibly well written.

I laughed many times and other times thought Lucy Ellman actually had entered my brain, especially during Dot's realization and reflection on death and bodily functions.

This book is hardcore, I'd say. Not for the weak in stomach or mind. If you read it, be ready for the vulgar and embrace it. Once you embrace it the book becomes an accurate account of the human experience in its most honest form.

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I'm interested..

I knocked out 2 of your books, 1 to go- and you know what I like. lady friend.

let's indulge in some treats soon.... once the plague has passed