Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Quick About Things (A Sneek Peek of Sorts)

This past Friday Stokes and I went to The Beachland Ballroom and saw the ever-so-sweet Tim Easton play live.

Because I'm a wimp who was afraid to have her digital camera confiscated, I'm using a photo from imaphotog. Thanks, imaphotog @ Flickr!

Yeah, there were like 100 people there, and tons of crazies with their digital cameras standing right in front of the stage taking awesome pics. I just watched them from my seat, crying a little. We all know my pics would have been awesome. And that I could have gotten Tim Easton to take a photo with me that I could have made my profile pic on Facebook. C'est la vie...

Tim Easton was beyond great--never a let-down yet when I've seen him live, even when he's hopped up on cold meds. The audience was weird, though. There was Random Clapper, Superfan who couldn't shut up between songs (literally, he yelled 5 minute convos with Tim), and the Sleeping Housewives. Guess you had to be there...

Regardless, Stokes and I had a fab time. And I learned how to text faster on my phone. Thanks, dollface.

Saturday, FD and I got some Bangkok Kitchen in Maumee. We're addicted to their curry. It's so good I crave it every meal. (Which reminds me I need to write post on all the local restaurants I love like Bangkok Kitchen, Myles Baker Street, and El Zarape. Another time though. Idol comes on in few minutes.)
After our tasty curry meal, we came home to snuggle up with BleuBerry and watch The Darjeeling Limited--twice! Finally, an idie film worth a damn. Thank you, Wes Anderson. How I love that you love little "stuff" and create sets that I want to live in or eat because I love them so much. Seriously, in my humble opinion Wes Anderson is THE best indie director right now.

Then Spring Break began, and, of course, I've been working the whole time. Why wouldn't I? Tonight through Sunday, though, I'm taking a little break to cuddle with my BleuBoo who was neutered almost 12 hours ago. You wouldn't be able to tell by the running and jumping he's doing that he's not supposed to be doing, but he is a little more tired and whiny than usual.

I'm hoping over the next few days I'll have a few moments to blog more. I have ideas for posts. One on Second Life. Another on how Hello Kitty is a form of escapism. Yet another on Pimp My Kennel. Or the dog that's allowed to eat high-end designer "wife-beaters." And we can't forget the standard here's-who-should-lose-on-Idol-this-week? (Definitely Danny and Luke from the Boys. I'll Twitter my girl predictions tonight.)

So many topics and so little time.


Katherine said...

Yay! I loved Darjeeling Limited.

Josh Woodward said...

You officially rule for informing me about Miles Baker Street. I hadn't heard about it, and it's yummy.