Saturday, March 8, 2008

Me Want Food!: A Tribute to The Best of Local Eats

There are days I crave brownies.

To the point I would die if I don't eat one.

My problem was I'm not a baker and I just couldn't find any place that had the "perfect" brownie.

Needless to say, I died many times over the past 4 years.

I'm dying no more, though.

Thank you, Myles Baker Street!

Myles Baker Street has the BEST cookies, desserts, cakes, and truffles in Northwestern Ohio and dare I say Southeastern Michigan. Their prices are completely reasonable for the high quality ingredients they use and the gorgeous aesthetic of each baked good. Myles Baker Street also serves breakfast goodies and lunch goodies, and I've heard their soups are AMAZING! (I still need to try their food, but I've been such an addict over their brownies I keep forgetting the have food.) Additionally, the environment of the cafe is cozy and modern with wireless internet. If you live in or visit BG, you MUST stop at Myles Baker Street; I promise you won't be disappointed.


Besides brownies, the other food I'm addicted to is Mexican. I seriously could eat refried beans EVERY day. And so I go to El Zarape at least once a week. Their prices are beyond reasonable for their portions. (The appetizer chips and salsa are still FREE!!!) Their service is super-fast and friendly. And their food is tasty without the grease of some Mexican restaurants and authentic unlike "chain" Mexican joints. I recommend the Sopa Azteca, a Mexican soup, the enchiladas, and quesadillas. Fun fact: You can purchase their salsa to go; I always pick up a 16 oz container before I leave.


Our friend JP recommended the next two places to us, and I can't thank her enough.

FD and I have recently developed a taste for curry. And so far the BEST Asian restaurant we've eaten at in Northwestern Ohio is Bangkok Kitchen. Their curries are FABULOUS! You can order any of their dishes mild, medium, or hot. Just beware, the hot is fire-hot. What I love about Bangkok Kitchen is that they are always really sensitive to my shelled-seafood allergy. I just tell them about it every time before I order and they make sure I don't die. It's quite nice. Their fried rice rocks my world too. I haven't had any of the entrees except for the curry--I recommend the green curry and the Pad Nam Prik Pow--but I would bet anything you order would be beyond satisfying. The prices are pretty good. Just be sure to get there early if you go on a weekend night; the joint gets packed. Also, have patience. The food does NOT arrive quickly, but the taste more than makes up for that little snag.

Our other new fav international restaurant: Indian Restaurant The Jewel. The Jewel has a lunch buffet and dinner hours. Being that I'm new to Indian food and I'm a germ-a-phob, buffets aren't for me. I trust their wold be good, though, based on our dinner. The dinner portions are enough for dinner and lunch the next day, and for me, the prices were reasonable for that amount of food. (My Chicken Masala was $12.50 and FD's Lamb Subj Gosht was $13.95.) The Nan is to DIE FOR! I'm still craving it! And the setting is really Indian-inspired and quite comfortable. Hot tip: You can bring your own alcoholic beverages to The Jewel; they don't sell them, though.

For those of you who are new to the fantastic world of international foods my biggest suggestion for finding a good place is this: if you see people of that restaurant's ethnicity eating there, you can be sure it's good. That was the case for our experiences at Bangkok Kitchen and The Jewel. In other words, I rarely see any Asian folks or Asian workers at The China in BG, and the food at The China can't even compare to Bangkok Kitchen's. Also, don't be afraid to talk to your server and ask for recommendations and help. I've found that the servers know more than me and I have always like what they recommended for me.


If you're in the mood for Pizza, order from Pisanello's. Their ingredients are high quality and their crust is light and yummy! Why support corporate pizza when you can eat local pizza?

If you're in the mood for a deep dish pizza, try Myles. Good pie! Just be ready for cheese galore and HUGE pieces.


Surprisingly to me, South Side 6 has the BEST burgers in town.

Trotter's Brown Jug Steak Dinner is the BEST steak in town.

Call of the Canyon has the best sandwiches and corn bread.

And Stimmel's has the best lunchmeat--Boar's Head.

For microbrews and wines and a local grocery store that has it all including sinks and flooring (think a specialty grocery store meets Lowes), check out The Andersons. I'm a fan of the meatloaf and stuffed peppers at The House of Meats.

Best breakfast in town: Kermit's.

Best Cosmo in town: Tea Tree Asian Bistro.

Best Semi-Fast-Food Mexican: Qdoba.

Goes without saying, the best gourmet restaurant: Revolver.


All this talk of food is making me hungry...and craving refried beans, brownies, and a Cosmo.


Anonymous said...

You are making me BG even more than I already do...We so need to come down for a visit.


Carly said...

I hope we can go to Revolver and that Bakery in May!!!

garylmcdowell said...

This might be, in retrospect, the greatest blog post EVER!

MeMeReezy said...

I've been missing BG a little lately and I'll be posting a blog about that soon... Ohhh... El Zarape is wonderful but I really have to say Chipotle is a better semi-Mexican choice. :P