Sunday, December 2, 2007


Feeling much better today, but I'm still tired. (Them's are the breaks.) But the house is officially disinfected. Yay!

OK. I do daily yoga; I do daily cardio & weight workouts; I take many vitamins, including C supplements; I sleep 7-9 hours a night; and I'm a compulsive hand washer.

So why am I sick so often?

I'm a nail biter. Most times without thinking about it. Most times when I'm thinking about something else, like during class when I'm thinking about my students' questions and concerns. Most times in class before I've washed my hands. Gross.

Some of you may not know this, but college, especially college dorms, is way more germy than, say, grade school.


My pre-New Year's Eve resolution is to stop biting my nails.

I just don't know how.

Any ideas?

I'm thinking a manicure that includes acrylic nails. I just hate how long those things are.

And I hate the price...


Anonymous said...

Ok, you can still bite off acrylic nails - trust me on that.
I finally broke my habit after spending years of biting my nails and the skin around it. I use Bite No More - I got it from a beauty supply store.
Let me tell ya - that is the most bitter and nasty taste in your mouth and if you get it on your lips it won't go away. You kinda have to be careful about how close to meal-time you put it on because if you eat a sandwich you can possibly ruin the taste of it.
Totally worth it though...

Anna [Formerly Average Geek, now Geek Painted Pink - or the fafa girl :-)]

Amy said...

Well, her idea looks cheaper but I usually always have acrylic nails because of my nail biting problem. I don't have them right now because of the Christmas season and money is tight. I've never bit them, especially if your determined to keep them nice looking. You can get them short and round you just have to ask for it.

I recogmend this place across from the Toledo mall. It's called J&J Pedicures or something. They do really cool nail art with flowers and stuff (if your into that sort of thing).