Thursday, May 22, 2008

So Close

My pick to win since the Top 24 was David A.

So close.

David Cook earned it. Seriously, every week he just got better and better. And I really like his music style. I just hope that in winning he can put out an album he wants to do, not some over-produced crap that doesn't showcase his talent.

Sometimes it's better to lose.



It occurred to me today that I've been blogging over a year now. May 1st was the official anniversary.

At this point the only birthday I absolutely remember is my own and the only anniversary I remember is our wedding. That sounds greedy...

Anyways, with its ups and downs, I've realized blogging has actually kept me sane and introduced to an overall supportive community of "writers." Good times.


One last thing: After our meal at Revolver Restaurant in Findlay, OH this past weekend all other food just tastes OK.


So FD & I have agreed to dine out even less and save up for a trip to Revolver every month.

Seriously, if we can control ourselves from lushing it up there, it's not that expensive--no more than a couple of pizzas, mexican meals, take-out burritos, and a "nice" meal out combined--and it's WAY MORE worthwhile. Plus, having a goal like eating at Revolver every month will help me see the food we have and use it more creatively. I get lazy sometimes and don't "feel" like eating what's in the fridge. Revolver will only make me hold out longer and see that eating eggs twice in one day is very OK.

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